Pressure Ft Hvdes, Darksiderz @ CrybabyOakland 9/8/22

Presented by Spin & Destroy, 2HARD and Hardcore Junglists United.
Supported by electronic & rock staples including deadmau5, Bring Me The Horizon, Senses Fail, Svdden Death, Kill The Noise and more, HVDES brings a blackhearted yet thrilling aura to the next generation of electronic music. With deep roots in her local alternative & punk scenes, HVDES possesses a versatile grasp of music across the spectrum, beginning with her earliest talents as a classically trained pianist. Armed with her influences in the rock scene and a laptop, HVDES found her sound by expressing her authentic self — turning the darkest corners of her life into music. She offers a strikingly sinister sound that resonates on the dance floor. Much like the ruler of the underworld, the sheer intensity of HVDES’ trademark sound represents her fierce persona. There’s a reason HVDES has released on labels such as Kannibalen, mau5trap, Monstercat, & more: she’s carved out a lane for herself and herself alone with her own gritty, raw, & signature style. In 2019, HVDES embarked on her first international tour across China, has toured across the U.S. & unleashed her pivotal Stand Alone Complex EP via Kannibalen. In 2020, she released her song "Fallout" which in 2022, she co produced and co wrote the major re-imagination by Bring Me The Horizon & Masked Wolf. For the misfits and the misunderstood, HVDES delivers both a comforting and cutting-edge perspective on the dark side of life. Creating beauty where there’s pain, the sound of HVDES cuts deep in all the right places.


Conjuring sonic chaos from unfathomable corners of the esoteric world, behold the audio alchemist known as Darksiderz. Hardstyle fans around the world know his name from years of performances at the world’s biggest dance festivals as he brings unprecedented energy to every set. As a staple in the North American hard dance scene, Darksiderz thrives on living outside of the status quo and embodying his project in mind, body, and soul. From the very beginning, music has been a focal point in his life. He proudly represents his Native American culture with singing, dancing, and remaining rooted in his peoples' traditional music and way of life. From tribal music to playing in punk, metal, and industrial bands as a teenager living in Reno, Nevada, his musical explorations led to learning piano, drums, guitar, and native flute. All providing the opportunity to engage in a wide spectrum of musical knowledge far beyond the level of his peers. Picking up a case of vinyl records and turntables, Darksiderz began his journey into electronic music with strong industrial and gothic influences. Throughout his youth, He was passionately devoted to his local music scene with performances at underground and major events alike. Proving his finesse behind the decks, and continuing to build his project with a unique signature sound, integrating indigenous-style percussion with dark, alternative elements into his own brand of hard dance from the aether. Carving out his own lane in the music industry, the cult of Darksiderz was born.


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The Buckness

El Nugget

A.N.T. x Destrukshin


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